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 Autumn Del 2/24 || Friday 22nd March ~ 6:30PM AEDT 
Our Story

Our Story

Meks is the missing link for those who are not cisgender and are often overlooked in mainstream fashion!

Deb is the founder of Shane Ave; Shane Ave is a household name in the Queer community when it comes to custom made shirts and formal attire however they recognised there was a missing link for off-the-rack clothing like, button down shirts, chino’s, hoodies, t-shirts, shorts, blazers etc in the genderless fashion space.

Through their teams experiences and feedback they were able to identify the major pain points for women, trans men and non binary folk who wanted a more androgynous style of clothing.

Until now the only option for androgynous style fashion was to wear men's clothes and go up a size or two so they fit in all the right places like busts and hips, which meant being oversized in other areas like shoulders, sleeve length, crotch length and waist circumference.

With extensive experience in fashion design and business acumen Deb set out to fill that missing link. Deb is extremely passionate about fulfilling that gaping hole in the market that relegates people to wear clothes that conform to such a limited binary of menswear and womenswear.

New collections will be released every season over 2 drops which will ensure there is a continued range of new styles and designs available all year round.

The meaning behind the name:

Meks (Mx) usually pronounced məks and sometimes mIks is the English language honorific that does not indicate gender. Developed as an alternative to gendered honorifics such as Mr and Ms in the late 1970s, it is the most common gender-neutral title among non-binary people and people who do not wish to imply a gender in their titles.


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